I rated it a five star it was amazing It’s been a while since I’ve read a modern romance and I was delighted to read Martha Perez’ book, The Wrong Kind Of Love. The main characters emotions are raw, real and unabashedly in your face, so you instantly feel for, with and connect with Balani and Dexter. There’s a lot of touch and go for these two characters and I was on the edge of my seat unable to stop reading. The modern meeting online and chat rooms was well addressed and realistic to the way things work in today’s society. And now that I’ve read and enjoyed one of Martha Perez’ books, I’ll be reading more in the future
I rated it really liked it four star The Wrong Kind of Love is a contemporary romance with a new adult vibe. This story would most likely appeal to a romance reader and also someone who understands the complications of finding true love online. It is written in alternating POVs, but primarily stays with the two main characters, Balani and Dexter. Balani Switzer is a beautiful young woman working in the professional world who has some tough changes to cycle through in the opening scene. She seems to drift in and out of the mindset of a fun-loving party girl to a wise, and experienced woman. The introspection helped expand her character and made me relate to her more. She takes difficulty in stride and after an animated conversation with her best friend Dominique, she leaves disappointment behind and dives into online chat rooms to see what other people are up to in the virtual and dating world. Life is complicated and so is finding love, as Balani traverses the differences between real and online relationships. Things change when she meets the mysterious Dexter in a chat room. She is questioning her real-life relationship with a man who has dated her off and on for years. Because he does not fully commit, his cavalier approach prompts her to search as well. She rightly wonders if Dexter is who he says he is or just another person hiding behind their persona? This part of the story is a realistic rendering of what a twenty-something might experience in the digital world we live in today. Then something terrible happens and someone who is very dangerous becomes obsessed with a woman out of his reach. *Please note there is a potentially triggering rape scene and a home invasion. This was a fast and easy read. My favorite parts were the bits of ironic commentary about life and romance in modern times, along with Balani’s enduring hope that true love and the ability to pick up the pieces would help her find the happiness she deserves. “Happy endings aren’t for everyone; it certainly wasn’t for me.”
5.0 out of 5 stars Sensational! I couldn’t put it down! ‘The Wrong Kind of Love’ is author Martha Perez’s best work to date. This is a writer who knows exactly how to weave a good story. A psychological love story thriller that you will enjoy! The story starts out slow. But as it progresses it gets more and more interesting. Some loving relationships are meant to be. But for Balini Switzer and Dexter, their relationship is kept from blossoming. Balini is tormented by her ongoing failures in life and feels she’s not good enough for the well established ‘Dexter’ who has fallen in love with her. Both wanting to be together, but fate has them kept apart. Balini finds solace in friendship with Dominique – her best friend. As she comforts her in her time of need, Balini decides to put her life’s experiences into writing a book. Her book becomes an instant best seller. And Balini has a huge fan of her book. But fame isn’t all what it sets out to be. The fan begins stalking her. And as though her life is in a high, her life is turned upside-down. Things begin to unravel. There are unexpected happenings in the book that will have your jaw dropping. The book becomes more intense. And like icing on a cake… Martha Perez gives us a climactic finish that is disturbing, but at the same time… Balini’s true life’s fate is interwoven into the ending. Will Balini find true love that she so desires? Is meeting people through date sites and social media a good thing? Or does it lead one into a nightmare life’s expectancies. There is the good and bad in life. And we all have a role to play. Evil is out there. But true evil is in the father who plants the seed to continue another generation of evil. To know what I mean by this… you’ll just have to read the book. Martha Perez is an established author of writing romance. And her ability to interweave a psychological thriller into her book of romance creates a world where dark dangerous minds are in pursuit of innocent young woman. Its no doubt that Martha’s research for this novel are based on the world as it is today. Its sad but true. This is the world we live in. For a thrilling read… check out the book ‘the Wrong Kind of Love.’ Some sexual encounters should be avoided.
5.0 out of 5 stars Sex for a Six Pack Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase Sex for a six pack is a very complelling and heart breaking book. Sadie is kidnapped and thrown into a life if hell. She is forced to have sex with the guy who wins in the poker games her kidnapper now husband has in order to pay his bills . Sadie is his meal ticket and nothing more. She endues this for 10 yrs or more. On her last night there told her he divorced her and was kicking her out for a younger girl. Drake sold her to 3 men one night and they beat her up do bad she end in the hospital. Drakes brother Calvin had been in love with her since he laid eyes on her. He took her home nursed her back to health and in the end she ginally gave her love to him.
5.0 out of 5 stars Short stories that take the reader through a kaleidoscope of emotions November 27, 2018 Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase Author Martha Perez's collection of life story vignettes lets the reader experience the nice, erotic, and evil elements of human nature, with unexpected twists throughout. This collection was a page turner for me---the characters come to life with their unique personalities---their desires, revenge, and sorrows give the reader a private, brief window into their lives and the events that drive them to do what they do. The details take the reader side by side with the characters as they experience their dilemmas and fates--spine tingling drama, steamy encounters, spiced with great wit. An entertaining read, highly recommended!
5.0 out of 5 stars Variety of stories October 13, 2018 Verified Purchase Ms. Martha Perez did an excellent job of accumulating an anthology of stories appealing to readers. My favorites MIND GAMES and DARK MOUNTAIN are compelling, nail-biters. It was a roller coaster of personal emotions, she likes to base her stories on real-life experiences; therefore, I lived them vividly. Incredible, vivid detail of what the human mind is capable of, where it tricks us to see things that are non-existent. Great Job. Enthusiastic 2 thumbs up. Thank you Amazon for this opportunity!
5.0 out of 5 stars A good read! Byjessicaon September 20, 2018 Format: Paperback Wow this book had me wishing it wouldn't end..It had me laughing at some of the characters..And then I was captured in another story kind of naughty and illusive I enjoyed each story in this book I recommend this short story book I'm about to read it again...
"When you meet a friend, you smile because you're glad, but when a friend deceives you, it makes you feel so sad." ~Bobby Blue Bland This is the third book I've read, written by Martha Perez. I'm always happy to feature talented writers on my website. If you haven't read any of her books, then let me say that her writing style is fresh and exciting. I simply adore books written in 1st person POV--it lets me know that the writer is willing to take chances and I'm in for something different. Alright, here's my review on Broken Heart: Broken Pieces Book 1 What can you do with a broken heart? When you have a headache, you can take an aspirin and power through the pain. If you have a backache a little rubbing will see you through, but when you got a broken heart, there’s nothing you can do. Nothing. Do you hear me? Nothing you can do. I know from experience when you fall in love, something is sure to break your heart. It takes a little time, and you can love again. But when Abby broke Rick’s heart he didn’t have time to suffer through another heartache and his life goes out of control. I like this book from beginning to the end. It’s written in a stream of consciousness style and in first and third person POV which is fresh and exciting to read. I rated the book in the following categories: Style 5, Plot 5, Rhythm & Flow 5, Background 5, Ease of reading 5. Overall rating 5. I read all the books in the series and highly recommend all of them. I can't wait for the next book from this talented author.
5.0 out of 5 stars I just finished reading the best short 8 stories I read by my favorite author ... Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase I just finish reading the best short 8 stories I read by my favorite author M Lemont and author I never knew about Martha Perez I can definitely tell the difference in there writing style. I have to say my top two stories out of the book is "Two Little Girls and Falling Down", it left me wanting more I really want to know what happens to the girls after the man pick them up from the street and as for Justine I want her to take that SORRY ASS HUSBAND TO COURT AND WIN ,HOW DARE HE COME BACK AND TRY TO TAKE HALF OF THE MONEY THAT WAS LEFT FOR BY JOHN ,WHEN HE LEFT HER FOR ANOTHER woman OUT THERE THAT HAD MORE MONEY THEN SHE DOES AT THAT TIME, ALL I CAN SAY THAT A SORRY EXCUSE FOR MAN AND FOR ANY MAN OUT THERE THAT LIKE THAT ,YOU WILL GET YOURS, IN THE END, GOD DON'T LIKE UGLINESS AND DAM SHOW DON'T LIKE PRETTY ,SO WHEN GOD YOU SEND SOMEBODY GOOD DON'T F IT UP, BECAUSE IT WILL COME BACK 10TIMES IN FOLD ON YOU AND THE PERSON YOU DID IT TO, GOD WILL BE THERE TO SHOW THAT PERSON YOU hurt AND BLESS THAT PERSON YOU HURTED . I recommend this book to anybody who likes to read luv it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope can carry us through the darkness. Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase A traumatic story of child neglect, family abuse and then finally hope. Abby and Megan are young and at the mercy of their family’s penchant for drinking, wandering off or simply ignoring their duties to their children. When things become frustrating for the adults they hit or simply leave for days on end. This story was indeed a sad one, but achingly realistic and told with an unusual point of view. From first to third and then back again. At first, I was unsure who was speaking and realized that Abby very often saw herself in a third or external viewpoint, after she survived yet another emotional hurdle. A different use of voice, but effective to bring us closer to the emotional cost of such a life. At the importance of a story like this being told with such honesty, I am overwhelmingly compelled to give it five stars. This text has the potential to give hope to so many children and adults who have gone through what Abby and Megan experienced. The real standout of this story for me was the honesty, the hope and the amazing resilience of Abby to find her own way no matter what. While still retaining her sense of humanity and telling us with her actions, that hope can carry us through the darkness.
Most short story books are like a kiss in the dark from a stranger; you never know what you are going to get. That’s not the case with “In The Dark by Martha Perez.” The book is a treasure trove of stories you can read and enjoy while relaxing at the beach, taking a lunch break, or standing in line at the grocery store. The author has honed and crafted her writing skills remarkably well. She has a unique style, rhythm, and sound, unlike anything I’ve ever read. This is a one of a kind book, a collection of dark tales that will take you to some uncomfortable places—and strike many emotions. My two favorite stories are The Boathouse, and What If—the characters' lives are on the verge of imploding in some bizarre ways and will keep you turning pages. The stories will leave the reader to mull over the dramatic endings. I wish I could give this book 100 Stars but I’m limited to only five so Five Stars it is. And for what it’s worth which is probably not much to anybody but me, I’ve also added Martha Perez to a short list of my favorite authors.
5.0 out of 5 stars plenty of thrills along the way! I am a huge fan of Author Martha Perez and I was intrigued to discover that she had teamed up with fellow Author M LeMont as I had previously enjoyed their work on ‘As Fate Would Have It.’ This book is filled with a mix of suspense, unexpected twists and turns, sex and plenty of thrills along the way. Without revealing spoilers I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Bad Boys’, ‘The Old Creepy Cabin’ delivered as promised and ‘Two Little Girls’ was emotive and heart-wrenching. But also to say that all the stories made for a good read which is why I feel it deserves a 5-star rating. Overall, I really enjoyed this collection of short stories and clearly, the collaboration between these two authors is something that I would like to see again.
1 of 5 stars A Sizzling Story of Erotica Romance Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase Erotica Romance at its hottest! Emily is a torn woman regretting her past for having bullied a girl named Abby. Her true love, Josh, never forgives her for mistreating Abby. When he loses Abby to another man, Josh, and his best friend, Trevor, go on a series of escapades involving sex with any willing woman, drugs, and alcohol. But Emily is determined to have her man and will stop at nothing to win his heart and love. What follows is a love triangle involving friends, family, and desires that lead to 'Broken Dreams.' This is one of the first Erotica Romance I've read, and it's shown me what I've been missing. Martha Perez' characters are vivid and real. Their lives are tragic and triumphant. The experiences can be related to the famous quote, "Be careful what you wish for, because you may get it." All too often what we wish for is nothing like we imagined. 'Broken Dreams' is written with romantic imagination and sizzling sex scenes leaving you aching for more!
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase 5.0 out of 5 stars A tale of love, desperation, abuse & redemption This is a tale of broken dreams and much more. Some people are so broken they can’t seem to change their lives. Instead they drown in their own desperation. This story, revolves around Betty and the treadmill of emotions involved in her relationships. She’s an abuse victim who kept taking two steps back for everyone one taken forward. She accepted her destiny for a one-sided love and her children. She soon learned you can’t change someone’s mindset just because you love them, thinking that will change your circumstances. After years of abuse she had to make a life-altering decision. With the support of others (family and a women’s support group) she finally does. But one final question remained. Would she fall back into her old life of acceptance or finally cut the ties of abuse? This is an account of love, desperation, physical and mental abuse, and survival.
Broken Dreams – Sinfully good! I have been whisked away into a story of love and the ups and downs of a relationship. The dream of finding that certain someone and trying to cope with all of life’s challenges. Committing to a relationship is hard work; for some easier than others. Martha Perez is a talented author bringing her tale of love in “BROKEN DREAM.’ If you haven’t read the first one… then you’re missing a good one. But don’t worry, just dive into this book and explore the fine crafted erotic tale from who I think is definitely an experienced author in writing this sort of material. “BROKEN DREAMS” doesn’t fall short of giving you a reading experience as if you are right there with the characters. This is a quick read. No matter how busy you may be with your ever day life, with a couple hours a day and a week… you can have this book read and be immersed in the world of Martha Perez. Give Broken Dreams a try. I promise you a delightfully sinful good time and the journey of love. From its subtle moments… to its dramatic engaging sexual pleasures to it fine ending, this is the erotic tale you’ve been waiting for. “BROKEN DREAMS” is a delight to read that’s bound to entertain anyone seeking love. Check out this story of this generations top erotic author ………… MARTHA PEREZ.
A great book, written by a very talented author. Broken Dreams is fresh and exciting, not your everyday run of the mill book. I couldn’t put it down even if I wanted to–definitely a page turner. It captures your attention from opening scene as Josh describes how his life changed after he lost his brother. “I chose my life drinking, doing drugs, and effing different women.” He figured that he could do whatever he wanted and wouldn’t change for anyone, considered himself a “cocky bastard.” This leads him down a road of misery and pain. It’s written in First Person POV, 3 lead characters, in a stream of consciousness style which I simply adore. The plot drags you deep into the twisted and dysfunctional lives of Emily, Josh, and Trevor, and leaves you in tears while wanting more. Real life drama, touching & heartfelt with a tantalizing touch of sex that keeps things a bit ... interesting. BRILLIANT, FRESH, EXCITING, a TRUE MASTERPIECE. I highly recommend it. 5 Big Stars.
My dear Martha I am very happy to have had the opportunity to talk with you and your husband last Saturday. Very rarely do we have the opportunity to talk with a great author as you are. I hope to have the great pleasure of being able to see you again as soon your next book comes out. God Bless You!
5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars Format: Paperback Verified Purchase An excellent read. Poignant and truthful. Recommend it easily.
Dealing with the frailty and at the same time resilience of the human soul! Rick hasn’t found contentment, and it’s possible he may never. He strives for peace of mind, even though he has lost his sibling, Scott and of course Abby, all within a short time span. Being an alcoholic and a sex addict, Rick struggles with his existence. After a period of elated elevations, his well-being tumbled to the rock bottom pit of misery. Succeeding her much-admired ‘Broken Pieces’ first novel, ‘Broken Heart’ is the sequel of author, Martha Perez beloved series. With a dynamic story-line, characters that are attractive, likeable and relatable, this is an emotional roller-coaster of a tale, dealing with the frailty and at the same time resilience of the human soul.
From a man's point of view, this was an amazing story. To be brought into this world and having to deal with physical and emotional abuse. And to have the strength to continue and not give up is just amazing. And to find love in her life is just an awesome twist. In my opinion definitely worth reading. Two thumbs up. Wade Bell
I love to read and write magazines and books
Martha, Both novels look very appealing to me. I had the opportunity to read chapter 1 of 'Broken Pieces' and one of these days when I can progress thru my TBR list, I intend to purchase it.
Beautiful site and thank you so much for all you've done for me :)
Love reading this book
Congrats to Martha Perez. The book cover is worth the purchase. can't wait to see the words inside.
“Riveting—all you could possible ask for from a novel! *****”
Cant wait for the next 2 books.
Couldn't put this book down,it's so good..can't wait for the next book.m
"Fiction lovers, remember this name: Abby.... You'll never forget her....[Martha Perez] constructs her stories with rich irony and moments of genuine surprise and intense emotions.... Glorious, powerful stuff."
"A beautiful and tragic story about love, loss and hope. Wonderfully written characters whose journey will remain in your heart forever"
Martha, I thank you so much for sharing a bit of Broken Pieces with me. you are on your way to writing some "Awesome" books indeed. Congratulations on your first book!, Can't wait to read it.
I really like this book. From start to finish...
I cant wait to read broken pieces the story plot sounds very interesting..I don't think I can wait 2 weeks till my book gets here..lol congrats martha on your first book..
Martha congratulations I just purchased your book via Amazon, can't wait to read it.
Hi Babe, just wanted to say congratulations on your first book to be released very soon, like within two weeks if everything goes as planned.

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