Wicked Spirits

Wicked Spirits: Eight frightening Short Stories.
Melancholic tales of suspicions of mind of women and men that splinter and frizzle like someone scorching on high electrical energy… You get a collection of diverse and exhilarating short stories by Martha Perez whose characters are full of conflicted emotions, rebellious, fears, rage, boldness and human craziness that leaves you amused. poignant, anxious, wanting for more.



Sneak Preview:

See No Evil—One of the best Detectives. A mother that lost her sons. Too many unanswered questions. Enough to lose sleep over. Enough to turn my job and this case into an obsession. Her reactions don’t fit with what I’m telling her. I’m going to figure this out one way or another. Something tells me I might not be ready for these answers I seek.

Fright Night—A Prom Night from Hell. This is supposed to be a fun night. Music, dancing, and whatever comes after. We have so many plans. Friends making memories that will last a lifetime. I know I’m going to have sex with my boyfriend Asher tonight. He is all over me. This limousine is so beautiful. I feel like a Rock Star. I might ask the driver to stop and take more pictures in front of it. These are the best friends a person can ask for, or so I thought.

The Bookstore—This is the perfect life. I own a Bookstore. I’m a lover of books and I’m surrounded by them all day. I have someone at the register selling the books while I sit in the back with a coffee and read. What’s better than this? It’s just me enjoying the view from the window. My numbers are down suddenly and now I see why. Who would decide to sell books across the street from a bookstore? I’m a very competitive person. They will pay for this!