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Broken Pieces will appeal to those who enjoy dramatic fiction that doesn't sugar coat the reality of everyday life. Written in a gritty, straightforward style that nevertheless recognizes the potential for love and compassion to illuminate our lives, this is a novel that will live with you for a long time after you have finished it. Find out if Abby will ever be happy. Read this amazing story of love, loss, abuse and much more.

Read Rick Owen Story

Broken Heart picks up the story of Rick Owen, following him through the euphoric heights and plummeting depths of his life's struggle with sex addiction and alcoholism, Losing Abby, his Brother Scott, and his ex-wife Betty Cox all in one year, he faces a seemingly insurmountable challenge, but with courage and determination he battles on. Will happiness continue to elude Rick, or will he find it in the end? Broken Heart will appeal to readers with a passion for drama and romance, and those who enjoy fiction filled with vivid and engaging characters and suspenseful plot.


Broken Dreams

Following them through their dysfunctional relationship and plunging depths of despair of their life's struggle with sex addictive behavior, alcoholism and drugs. Josh never got over losing Abby, he hates Emily and yet he married and torments her for hurting Abby when they were young she was the mean girl and a bully in school. Their relationship becomes destructive. Josh knew Trevor loved Emily he won't let his best friend have her because of his selfish ways he becomes violent toward Emily, she finds comfort with Trevor. Broken Dreams will appeal to readers with a passion for drama and erotica romance with devastating consequences. This story is for readers who enjoy fiction filled with vivid and engaging characters and suspenseful plot. 


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The Broken Collection by Martha Perez

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